Progress Report….

I’M DONE!! Well, the center section anyway….now on to the borders and the applique. I’m getting excited to be able to start something new, being grounded to one project has been quite challenging but the results speak volumes, it’s actually working. UFOs beware!

11 thoughts on “Progress Report….

  1. My friend Michelle sent me the link to your blog with your gorgeous quilt on it…I LOVE your top…cannot wait to see the finished project. Please keep us updated.I’ve added you to my list of favorite blogs to visit….Peggy in NJ

  2. This is an amazingly beautiful quilt! I love it. My daughter wants a christmas quilt, but she doesn’t want your traditional peppermint or folksy style and this would be perfect! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Love this pattern! Love the colors! Very effective! Our quilt group did a raffle quilt like this in scraps from each of our stashes…I had a nice visit!Happy stitching!

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