Trees Up…

This flannel quilt is a customer quilt that I had the pleasure of quilting for her. It’s one of those stack and slash patterns I think it’s called Trees Up. I used King Tut Thread on the top with So Fine on the bottom. Pattern is Bright and Breezy by Lorien.

I’m a busy bee at the studio lately, I now have 16 quilts needing my attention. There aren’t enough hours in the day!


6 thoughts on “Trees Up…

  1. Wow…16 quilts….when do you sleep? I really like this tree pattern. I’ve never tried a stack n’ whack….maybe I’ll have to find this pattern and try it.I learned to tat years ago. I can still do it….a little…if I have too!Suzanne

  2. i have 9 to do-ugh! so much for stopping work end of this month lolthis is gorgeous-i love that stack n whack pattern. and isn’t bright and breezy fun?

  3. 16 quilts! Yikes. Does it take the fun out of quilting when you HAVE to do it? I love quilting some for the public, (on my domestic machine) but don’t advertise. I could never have 16 in the queue! I am in awe of those of you that have longarms and quilt so much. Great job on all you do!

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