My first official custom quilt! Now go easy on me okay. My new favorite saying is … I can only get better! At first my client wanted all the star sections ditched and a flame pattern in the background and other blocks in a blue thread, oh and seperate borders. No problem … right? Right before I got it out to quilt she popped in to say she wanted the flames to go right over the yellow border and out onto the outer border as well, okay no problem. Once I got it out and ready to quilt, the blue thread just didn’t really do much for the quilt and would have looked terrible streaking across the yellow border. After a quick dive through my tickle trunk of thread I found a Rainbow called Salsa, bright red, orange and yellow … where did that come from? Must have been in my little free pack of thread from APQS. Hmmm … could it be more perfect? After a quick call to my client to make sure it was okay to plaster her quilt with a Rainbow, I jumped right in. Wow, custom quilting for a customer is scary! I had such anxiety over this one and made so many mistakes … what was that again … OH … I can only get better! Right. Anyway, once it was done I called her right away and she came right down, which was good cause I wouldn’t have lasted another day not knowing if she liked it or not. And she did, she loved it! Phew!!!


6 thoughts on “Flames…

  1. Congratulations on your winning the kit from "Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens".Also, your customer's quilt is awesome. You did a great quilting job.

  2. I had to look up Rainbow Salsa (843) what a fabulous choice on this quilt. You really did a wonderful job on this quilt, your customer must be thrilled.

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