Pictured above is my second try at custom quilting for a client. Yup, I fretted over this one too. I wasn’t as stressed over this one but I sure learned a valuable lesson on which way to load a quilt. PLAN FIRST, then load! As you can see this is a prime example for loading lengthwise…how much time I would have saved. Oh well, lesson learned. This fun quilt was first seen by my customer in a magazine and after hunting down the fabric all the way down in the states, she made it for her daughter as a gift. For the quilting I chose a ribbon motif for the orange circles, reverse loop meander in the white background and white border, a wave type pattern for the pink borders/sashings, a ribbon vine for the rectangles and a ribbon and loop design for the outside border. I used white, orange and pink cucurini thread for the top and pink cucurini for the backing. I used Pam Clarke’s ribbon motif for the circles with the laser and the rest of the quilting I did freehand with just a visual beside me. So there you have it, second custom done!


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