Diamond in the Rough

Here is another stunning customer quilt that I custom quilted
before I moved. I ditched all the star sections and did a loose stipple
throughout the light blue background, I also did a feather motif
in the corner sections and did a
freehand starswirl in the outside
borders. This was my frist time
with stitch in the ditch on the
longarm and I’m not so proud of
the way it turned out, I will
definately think twice before
accepting another stitch in
the ditch again. Not until I can
get some good practice on my
own quilts first that is. Overall
I think it turned out quite nice,
it’s a beautiful quilt.


4 thoughts on “Diamond in the Rough

  1. This quilt is definitely stunning, and of course, you did a great job quilting. I only quilt on my domestic machine and I never do “in the ditch”. It’s harder than people think.

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