Timberline Complete!!!

Now this quilt defines the meaning, labor of love!! It was so worth it…the quilt is absolutely stunning in person. At first I thought who in their right mind would want to make this one into a queen…it would take ages! Well, this is why, it’s gorgeous!! I made the wall hanging which measures 48″x48″. Now how about that border…told you it was a show stopper.

The pattern was very well written and it is meant to test and challenge your perfect scant 1/4″ seam. I was super surprised when I only had to trim wee slivers off of my blocks and even when I got all my blocks sewn together and layed out my borders…they fit like a glove!!! Even with all those seams!

Now not every seam lined up to perfection, but after the amount of time I spent unsewing sections of this quilt it was time to let a few slip by. Now I know, tisk..tisk, I still have lots of room for improvement! 🙂

Did I mention seams!!!!! Look at them all!!! I can’t believe I’m actually showing you the backside of my quilt top…I feel like there should be horror music playing in the background!!! hahahaha!!! Well, I hope you enjoyed this journey with me, and if your thinking about trying one of Judy Martin’s patterns…just do it, you’ll love the results!! My biggest tip would be to make a practice block before you begin, you will learn how to perfect your scant 1/4″ seam before you begin and you will be glad you did!


21 thoughts on “Timberline Complete!!!

  1. My sister in law bought me Judy Martin’s Log Cabin Quilt Book and I told her she was NUTS!!!! Your quilt is gorgeous. I still don’t know that I’m ready to tackle one of her patterns yet, but I sure admire yours! Great work! It’s beautiful!

  2. Hi Jennifer!The quilt is stunningly beautiful! Well done ;o)!I love my copy of Judy Martin’s Log Cabin book…I’m already collecting fabric for one of the featured quilts…Merry Christmas,Julia

  3. Spectular. Apart from the top notch stitching, the color scheme stands out. I want to make this quilt as well, but can’t wrap myself arounding putting the fabrics together. Any suggestions (so mine can look as good as yours).

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