Retail Therapy…

I picked up a couple fat quarter bundles from my LQS. The larger bundle is all Buggy Barn fabrics and the smaller bundle is called Zen II. I fell in love with the purple and sage in this line. Not sure what I am going to make with them so until then they will live in my fabric hutch. I would like to go back and get some more yardage of Zen II for potential borders before it’s all gone…don’t think this line will stick around very long.

I absolutely fell in love with this winter wall hanging by Crabapple Hill called Over the River and Through the Woods from the moment I saw it. I finally bit the bullet and ordered it online and can not wait to start it! With all the hand embroidery I have selected this quilt to be my summer project. We just purchased a new RV and plan to camp most of the summer as a family. So while the boys are off exploring, I plan to plug away at the beautiful embroidered scenes in this quilt.

Okay now for this beauty!!! My DH gave me a gift certificate to my LQS for Valentine’s Day this year. Perfect gift I have to say…nothing says I love you more than FABRIC!!!! After careful consideration….(okay…it was more like a big sweeping grab)…I picked a kit for The Queen and Her Court quilt. I can’t even describe how adorable this fabric is. The mix of cream, pink, green and brown are simply striking, not to mention the block arrangement with the dancing applique flower vine! I am forcing myself to put this one away while I complete my other BOM’s I have on the go and then completely focus on this one and give it the undivided attention it deserves.
So there you have it. I’ve been shopping a lot more than usual, falling victim to a little retail therapy. Not being able to sew after having surgery on my right hand has been more than difficult. But think of all the fun I will have once I’m healed and have full function of my hands. Shouldn’t be long now, I will have my stitches out in a week and should be right back at it.


7 thoughts on “Retail Therapy…

  1. hi! You know sometimes retail therapy is what it takes to heal your heart… call it your contribution to the economic stimulus package. I admire you girls attempting the Over the River project— what an heirloom. I can see the relatives years from now fighting over who gets the heirloom for the next generation….Keep smiling….

  2. Hi there,I love your quilts and would like to learn too!! But of course I don’t have time. Will be a project of mine come three years from now when the youngest graduates. I am commenting because on ebrandon they are doing a pay-it-forward auction to raise money and were wondering if anyone had a quilt to donate. So I googled Minnedosa quilts and got your blog. Do you know of anyone or the guild in Minnedosa that might have done a scrap quilt that they would be willing to donate to this. Please go to to see it. Thanks a lot for your time.

  3. I’ve drooled over that Over the River pattern and love it! I haven’t broken down and purchased thought…yet! Here’s wishing you a smooth recovery for your hand!

  4. Very nice! I have been eyeing that winter stitchery wall hanging too, and if I just did not have so many others going now, that would definitely be my pick. Your new BOM “Queen and her Court” is also a beauty of a pattern. Pretties, all of it!

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