Class Samples…

Two more class samples done and ready to be hung up at the quilt shop. This spring term I will be teaching four different classes at my LQS. Three classes using the square in a square ruler.
Level 1 – Beginner is the Constellation wall hanging, pattern comes with the ruler.
Level 2 – Intermediate is the Pineapple Diamond wall hanging, pictured above. Pattern from the Advancing on II Square in a Square book.

This quilt can easily be made into a lap quilt with the addition of a few more blocks.

I’m not so sure about the stripe fabric I was given to work with, I should have picked something else as I find it too distracting. I LOVE the outer border fabric though, I will have to pick some up for myself I think.

And Level 3 – Advanced is the Crimson Stars wall hanging. This wall hanging only measures 30″x30″ with 6″ blocks!!! The pattern, from the Advancing on II book, also has a 10″ block option so that is good for those who want to make a bigger quilt or that do not want to fiddle with the wee square in a square blocks. Very striking quilt though I must say.

So there you have it, now you know what’s been happening in my studio as of late.
My stitches come out this afternoon so I’ll be at the longarm for the rest of the week trying to get caught up.

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