Strip Search…

I started this quilt in June for my sister’s 40th birthday…and then summer got in the way and it got shelved.  Well, this past weekend I decided to dig it out and get it done.  I’ve got a pile of ufo’s that are in dire need of some attention…perhaps finishing this one will motivate me to get busy with the others.  I used a Jelly Roll of Autumn Journey by Kansas Troubles that I had hanging around, some border fabric from my stash and the pattern Strip Search.
I finished piecing the top on Saturday….  Quilted it on Sunday, using a copper colored thread and the panto Falling Leaves II. 

I purchased this panto a number of months ago and have been avoiding it as I knew I would need a bit of practice time on this one before I would put it on a customer quilt.  The panto is beautiful with all the different leaves but the back tracking on all the veins is such a pain…looks like I’ll need another practice quilt before I’ll offer it to clients.

And then I bound it on Monday.  With the help of the pups of course.  They sure love quilts…as soon as they get sight of one they follow me around and just have to lay on it to test it out.  Yay!!!  Project complete!!  Happy B-day Sis!!

10 thoughts on “Strip Search…

  1. this is gorgeous – it is like you knew exactly what to make for me:)…however I'm not quite 40 but I would love this quilt – how nice of you to make this for your sister's 40th. I should be thinking pretty soon about my sister's 40th…Valerie

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