Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt – Part 1

It has been quite some time since I started a quilt for myself, and this years mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter was one I just couldn’t pass up! I mean just from the title alone, ‘Celtic Solstice’ it was enough to get me excited, but once you see her inspiration photograph of the gorgeous coastline of Ireland and her color combinations, I was hooked!!! I dove into my stash and ordered in a bunch of quarter yards to round out my fabrics.

Celtic Solstice Mystery Fabrics

I set them out in rows to make sure they all had good contrast with each other and began to select and de-select fabrics until I was satisfied. How fun do they look draped over the rails of my longarm quilting machine while I waited a day or two for the first clue.


Clue #1 arrived on Friday, Nov 29th and had us using our Tri Recs Rulers! I am making the king sized version so I had to cut 140 Orange base triangles and 240 Neutral base triangles as well as 380 pairs of both left and right facing triangles from the Blue fabrics.


All cut and ready to assemble!



I’ve been working on the blocks a bit each day as I am unable to sit and sew for long periods of time right now, but I managed to get all of my orange units sewn, pressed and trimmed and I’m plugging away on my neutral ones. Hope to get those guys finished up this week and start on Clue #2 which was released this past Friday.



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